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Area Industries Group and its Brands has specialized in the creation of Services and Tools made for the strategic and operative administration of Company Marketing. Being able of managing all the 4 dimensions of Brand Genetic is the main required skill to take positioning decisions and to define the identity of the company and its products.
Scientific calculation of results and their comparison through fast and intuitive tools is the basis of data management and allows to create an efficient and dynamic control over all company related marketing actions.


ALL your DATA in only one CONSOLE.

All your OFF LINE (print, tv, itinerant, etc) and ON LINE
campaigns will be controlled through data crossing
using CRM, APP, CONTEST, etc.



4 dimensions of BRAND GENETIC.

Give strength and authority to Your Brand
empowering it with the four elements of :
Brand Positioning, Brand Perceptioning,
Brand Identity, Brand Image.


Our operative fields

During the years our Team developed a deep and direct experience in some specific fields. Thanks to the collaboration of some reliable partners, we have also had the chance to increase our know-how related to the strategic management of “vertical” fields, like Franchising, Store and Retail. Technology has always been the main element for developing all our operative strategies, as it let us enhance all results of our actions in terms of ROI and ROMI.





Production necessities are a crucial element for every company: they are complex and multidimensional as they occur from the basic B2B essence of the company, till the possible B2C brand. In this kind of situation, the 4 elements of Brand Genetic need to be included, developed and coordinated with all different tools and actions (both on and off line) made for data and information management. Winning strategies need powerful software tools able to offer a real time analysis of all business and marketing actions. Managing Clients, Teams and Offices can be easy and efficient thank to the use and integration of App and control and manage systems that provide data crossing with CRM and other tools for performance evaluation. Update and portability are the key factors that make these instruments efficient and easy to use; this will channel the information flow, normalize the redundant data and make them available “on demand”.









Increase pedestrianization connected with stores using technological tools and grow selling redemption as a result of the attention obtained: today’s Customers have goals that only technology tools can allow us to fulfill. In Area Industries we develop Tools and Strategies based on potentiality, risk calculation and feasibility study and using gathering, measurement and evaluation Systems in order to effectively manage data and integrate them with multimedia tools and applicative softwares. To measure and monitor investment we offer different type of products that can apply to all environments and are perfect for advertising actions and promote interaction and engagement where there is the need to obtain specific information from all customers to create after sale actions. All our tools are effective and suitable for all kind of communication (short, medium and long distance) and are able to connect offline with online actions, from small tablet to videowall. All our Softwares are developed by our team, so we can ensure constant updating, remote assistance and customization.





Next to
new public


Servizio Fotografico San Zenone

Culture” is a field which has a huge strategic value, both as a touristic attraction, both as an economic instrument for the artistic growth of the society. According to this new situation, we believe that our next goal should be attracting new public and guarantee the fidelity of the visitors that already know us. Discover a new land, promote new cultural spaces, learn about historical museums or events, our program of technological development of cultural heritage wants to value culture at every level. Thanks to new technologies we can increase the connections between visitors and artistic works and artists: an innovative way to understand Culture and Art, closer to the new public’s demands and needs as it includes technology and social networks. We offer projects that include augmented reality and virtual tours to allow visitors to share contents and experiences, in order to arrive to the highest number of people, also outside of the usual communication systems. These new tools allow us to provide dynamic, accessible and user friendly services that fit for everyone. Our system is based on an organized and advanced data management and this is the key that will lead to the success of every project.









Today the develop of “Tourism” implies a global competition with those countries that in the last few years has grown their offer, thanks also a huge technological evolution.

The distinguishing factors are speed and quality, and the ability to manage all new demands and services in real time. Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, the richest in natural beauty and in artistic heritage. Nevertheless, it is less organized and structured than many other countries than can provide better services even with less resources. Our develop will be focused on tourism: by 2022 it is estimated that tourism will be the first income in our GNP. Low cost flights and web tools have reduced distances, and visitors flow have changed creating different types of tourism, shorter in length and with focused destinations. Improving infrastructures, information and accessibility to the territory, means creating a new economy and solid basis for a long term success. We need a multi-level structured system with different competences, that can provide complete solutions in short time in order to help the territory and its small and medium enterprises. Area Industries is focusing on products and services that can provide efficient and simple instruments that can satisfy most of the requests of this sector; our tools allow us to use, consult and integrate data across all the different projects and actions involved.Our know-how, all the information acquired and the flexibility in its se, let us create customized projects for every initiative, constantly checking every technical aspect and verifying bureaucratic aspects and possible solutions that can support the development of these projects.





Educate to


The European Parliament has approved a resolution about Circular Economy that includes binding goals about waste decrease and landfill disposal decrease. The use of raw material has grown exponentially during the last few years, showing the necessities of China, Brasil, Russia as emerging country: sooner the business of waste and of its products will be one of the most profitable business of the centuryFor example, every year in Italy are used 15 billion of PET containers, and most of them ends in landfill, incinerators or thrown away in the environment: promoting recycling is a civic duty of respect for our environment. Our solutions involve local company and public authority in order to develop completely sustainable projects that can attract sponsors and international partnersArea Industries cooperates with leader companies in the field of recycle and reuse, and propose itselves as a reliable partner to develop projects that involves citizens and tourists in the correct management of noble waste. We have developer engagement and gamification projects and we have integrated them with software and technological tools in order to support our initiatives. Schools and public areas are the perfect place to educate children and students to follow responsible and proper way towards environment.





Promote products,

contents and



Food influences in our lives and characterize our most important moments. Wine, cheese, bread are only a few of those products that bring with their taste work, tradition, passion and time and that we identify as genuine products that really improve the quality of our lives. Italy is the first European country for certified food farming products certified by the EU (280 products DOP,IGP,STG and 523 wines DOCG, DOC, IGT – Mipaaf data 2015). This is another proof of the high quality of our products and productions and of its deep bond with our territory. Area Industries promote and develop projects that enhance our territory and its treasures, giving support to producers and  companies of this field, in order to show our rich heritage to the whole world as the foundation of our culture and tradition. The correct promotion of events and contents, the education about the use of quality products, the proper visibility and reputation of brands: all these elements create a complex project with the simple goal: an aware consumption and clear idea of the value of our resources. Area Industries will work alongside with Companies, Consortium and Associations in order to develop Branding strategies and analyse tools and software for data management, in order to guarantee the reliability of the results obtained.


Are you an ENTREPRENEUR? Are you planning to start a NEW BUSINESS?

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On the TOP
On the TOP of your business you must find INFORMATION and TOOLS that allow you to take the right decisions. Area Industries uses the elements of Brand Genetic to drive the most important Strategic Decision for the life of your company and your products. We use powerful Software tools and real-time cross media systems specific for Data management.
The FOUNDATION must be a powerful system of data analysis. The scientific measurement of results and their comparison require a Strategic Correction, and every Company needs it. Our service must be based on a careful analysis made using softwares and tools that can provide a reliable data management in a fast and clear way.

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